Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) is a sperm bank for gays and lesbians, who wish to donate and receive sperm for procreation. GSB also services those who identify as bisexual, transgender, questioning and intersex (LGBTQI). Our mission is to cater for all those who wish to procreate and are disenfranchised by the heterosexually controlled status quo. We do not discriminate against ‘straight’ people who also wish to use our service; as long as they declare sympathetic allegiance with the concerns of LGBTQIs. The fundamental purpose of our website is to bring together sperm donors with sperm recipients to achieve happy outcomes for LGBTQI couples.

Life is a many splendid thing and it comes in all shapes and sizes; and sexual proclivities and gender identities. Sperm is a natural substance which should be accessible to all those who wish to make use of its procreative qualities. Fertilizing the egg is the prime role of the sperm and this should be unhindered by political and ‘so called’ moral groups within the greater community. Let nature through sensitive technology adapt to the evolving needs of a twenty first century world. No one should be denied the right to have children if they do so with the intention of being loving and nurturing parents. GSB is dedicated to making this possible for all those LGBTQIs that fall into this category.

As doctors and medical technicians we provide a fully documented and licensed service. As LGBTQI professionals we are passionate about human rights for all. Our sperm donor service is conducted with sensitivity and operates on an open door policy in regard to acknowledging the identity of the donor to the mother and the resulting child. We feel that every child has the right to know who the donor of the sperm responsible for his or her conception is. Ignorance is not, ultimately, bliss in these matters. GSB supports the rights of the child and does not condone genital mutilation for either girls or boys.

GSB is committed to stronger and more loving gay communities throughout America and the world. Helping LGBTQIs to create loving families with healthy children will, in our opinion, make for a better and more tolerant world. Bringing loved and loving children into the twenty first century is our mission. Bringing LGBTQIs closer together is also our mission and empowering them to take their places as parents of a future generation, whether gay, straight or queer, is a worthy mission to hold.