Family Rights

It is the right of every human being to have a family; whether he or she is gay, straight or something in-between. The term LGBTQI has been coined to be as inclusive as possible; and to avoid gender and sexual discrimination; it includes lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, questioning and intersex. Gay Sperm Bank has been formed to provide practical help for those wishing to start a family among LGBTQIs. We consider family rights as the cornerstone of our moral existence as doctors, nurses and medical technicians working in the gay sperm bank field. Artificial insemination does not mean that the people employing this service are not very real.

Their needs and requirements should not be denigrated by the heterosexual community and their publically elected representatives. Family rights are a universal right of all human beings; the right to procreate and reproduce. When LGBTQIs feel that it is the right time for them to bring a child into the world they should be supported to do so in as loving way as possible. Tolerance for differences in sexuality and gender is only going to be increased by LGBTQIs having children. Their children are not necessarily going to become gay or identify with their parents gender identity; in many cases the children are born and live as heterosexual human beings. They will, however, grow up with a tolerance and loving awareness of different types of human beings.

Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) supports the family rights of all LGBTQIs in America and around the globe. Governments everywhere must come to terms with the rights of all their constituents; and LGBTQIs must be encouraged to take up their rights as parents. Their only responsibilities in this matter are to be the most loving and nurturing parents they can be. Bringing up beautiful and tolerant children who will become fine adult human beings. The more choice and self-responsibility we are all given as human beings will only increase the humanity of the planet’s population.

We live in a world that currently contains some seven billion people; we do not have the luxury of remaining narrow minded and bigoted. GSB urges all LGBTQIs to be cognizant as to their family rights, and to the services provided by gay sperm banks for this very purpose. Technology makes this possible; and this is a sign that we have evolved as human beings to include every color of the rainbow. Family rights are a basic right of all human beings.