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We are a San Francisco Bay Area based sperm bank and offers a unique service:


Rainbow Flag Health Services is unique in four ways:

  • We are the only sperm bank in North America to actively recruit Gay and Bisexual sperm donors. Whether Gay, Bisexual or Heterosexual our donors wish to have children in their lives but do not wish to raise children. (Or, some men who already have children do not wish to raise more children.)

  • We are the only sperm bank to tell the mother who the donor is when the child is three months old. We ask that the mother contact the donor by the child's first birthday.

  • We limit our donors to have children by only 4-6 different women. Other sperm banks use a donor to produce children by 10 different women! Some banks have no limits!

  • As a member of Nurses for the Rights of the Child, we believe that a child's human rights are paramount. We ethically cannot offer our services to those who intend to harm their children through the practice of ritual or "medical" genital mutilation (of either gender, commonly known as circumcision) or other forms of child abuse. As health professionals, we know there are no valid medical reasons for this, and as Jewish men who are survivors of ritual genital mutilation, we cannot ethically participate in assisting others in continuing this practice. See our Philosophy page for more information.

The Advantages of Known Donor Insemination

  • Your child will grow up without secrets. They will not grow up fantasizing that their "father" is the lost King of Bavaria or Charles Manson. Your child will know that their donor is a regular guy who they will meet and maybe become friends with. (Some sperm banks tell the child who the donor is when they are 18 years old.)
  • Because the donor will know the 3 other biological mothers of his offspring, through the donor, you could be connected to other Lesbian households who are raising the biological half-siblings of your child. In that way, your child may have "cousins" living close by. (And because each child will know who their biological half-siblings are, they will not accidentally start dating in high school!)
  • Through your donor, you will be connected to the Gay Men's community (if you choose a Gay donor, some of our donors are heterosexual).
  • Your child will grow up knowing that the main reason their donor helped you bring children into your family was that he wanted children in his own life, even though he did not want to raise children himself. They will know their donor's main motivation was NOT the $50 per visit most sperm banks pay donors. We do not pay donors like that. We compensate our donors very little and primarily for their inconvenience and travel expenses.

About our Services

  • We operate under California law [California Family Code Section 7613(b)] which legally separates Donor and Mother. Clients from outside of California are still covered by this law under the full faith and credit clause of the United States Constitution. We hold a tissue banking license from the State of California as well as laboratory licenses from the Federal Government (CLIA) and the State of California.
  • We do fresh inseminations for women with designated donors. If your donor lives outside of the Bay Area we can still do the insemination. See our Services page under Donor Home Delivery.

We are located in Alameda, Ca.

Contact Us at:

(510) 521 - SPERM
(510) 521 - 7737

Leland Traiman, RN/FNP


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