With young LGBTQI couples wanting to celebrate their new found legally married status in America by having children, the issue of funding comes up. Having kids costs money whether you are gay, straight or queer; and if we are going to change the world by producing beautiful tolerant human beings then we all need to chip in. Imagine, millions of loving children parented by loving LGBTQIs and all the colors of the rainbow being recognized by church and state. I am going to make a suggestion, which may seem ‘out there’ but, I think, is also a great idea.

Crowdfunding for LGBTQI parents who are in need of some financial support. We do not want to be bringing up LGBTQI kids in poverty, do we? We do not want any kids, whoever their parents are, being brought up in poverty. Well loved and nurtured children require materially sufficient households to grow up in. What about all those wealthy LGBTQIs, who do not wish to have their own children, getting involved through crowdfunding as some sort of ‘fairy god parents’. A relationship with a child can be an inspiring thing, helping him or her to achieve the things they want to achieve. Perhaps, as mentor or benevolent uncle or aunty; these people can share in the joy of bringing up children.

As in many indigenous communities, in the past and in the present, parenting was and is shared within the community. These kinds of things will make our LGBTQI communities stronger and more inclusive; with greater positive interaction between members based on shared responsibilities and love. Gay Sperm Bank (GSB) sees crowdfunding as a great financial structure to launch a ‘fairy god parent’ scheme into the broader LGBTQI community. Why should Crowdfunding always be about business funding? Why shouldn’t it embrace something even more important? Crowdfunding could replace the need for debt management; which confronts so many desperate parents.

Economically, advocacy of crowdfunding - with 45 million Americans below the poverty line, funding for impoverished LGBTQI couples is not so much a possibility as it should be an instant reality. Set up a crowdfunding website and establish your target budget, including a college education. Funding need not come in all at once, it could be an incremental things, as needed. You can post images online of family celebrations, sporting events and special achievements. The joy that this website could bring to the extended LGBTQI community through enriching relationships is mind boggling.

Some of the most compassionate and greatest human beings in history have batted for the other side. They have shared the love that dare not speak its name; to put it in the most melodramatic of terms. These days, we just say that they were gay. The ancient Greeks were, of course, great fans of homosexuality and lovers of their own gender. Some say, Socrates and Plato were at the forefront of this kind of thing, but I am not so sure about that. Alexander the Great was definitely a hero on a grand scale; and his love for Hephaestion was legendary (although his Wikipedia entry plays it down).

Gay Families Raising Disabled Children

The thing about being gay, is the misnomer in the name itself. Not all gay people are frivolous and party animals. I would posit that the greater majority of homosexuals are deep and tender, rather than superficially ‘gay’. That compassionate nature lends itself to shepherding the needy and being there for loved ones. Gay families raising disabled children, puts that deep and tender love to work on behalf of the most needy. Think of the clergy and the number of homosexuals who walk in the footsteps of Christ the compassionate.

Love comes in all shapes and sizes; and the church is home to a multitude of queer individuals. Only a small percentage of them are what you would call paedophiles and they have a problem, which requires treatment and control. The vast majority of gay clergy are either celibate or in relationships with consenting adults. Most priests are concerned with helping others in their communities and devote their lives to charity.

There are gay families raising disabled children all over the world, click here. In 2010, it was estimated that 19 % of the American population had a disability, which must be around 57 million people in total. The percentage of homosexuals in the USA is thought to be around 3.5%, which would be around just under 10 million people. When you crunch all those figures together, you get a sense of how many gay families raising disabled children there just might be. Both categories of human beings, and I stress the ‘human being’ label here most of all, are about diversity. We as a global population of human beings are at a stage where we are challenged with ‘growing up’; and accepting diversity is a sign of maturity. All these crazy fundamentalist religions from the Bronze Age: Judaism, Christianity and Islam are pitted against us growing up as human beings. They want to keep the world small and pretend that we still live in villages, raising goats and sheep. Well, wake up folks, we don’t!

Kids’ parties can be a battleground for identity in the 21C. Yes, those cute little affairs with fairies, pirates, princesses, superheroes, cowboys, and furry animals. Nothing brings an individual’s gender conditioning to the fore, as obviously as parenting. Family and cultural pressure is, often, brought to bear on these innocent little kiddies. Everyone has an opinion about what they should wear, including grandma and grandpa, parents, parent siblings and, even, friends. Colours for boys and colours for girls. The world seems very concerned at how these tots start out in life. Helping LGBTQI children join in with the crowd, yet grow their identity is an important aspect to consider.

Let Your Children Express Themselves

There might be male children who like feminine-orientated activities, such as unicorn parties. Conversely, there may be biologically identified girl children who wish to express their uber tomboy-ness. Let your children express themselves, how they want to, from the earliest time possible. We are learning not to impose our expectations upon our children, especially in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation. It is all about having fun and being accepted for who they are. Actually, when searching for medical insights into children’s psychology, being open to an unbiased discovery is the most important quality for parents of LGBTQI children.

Don’t Lie To Your Kids

Have you ever noticed how all parents portrayed on TV and in movies continually lie to their children? Ostensibly, they behave this way in an attempt to protect their kids from unpalatable truths. However, lying for whatever reason, usually, causes more problems than you originally started with. I would advise parents of all children, not just of LGBTQI kids, to refrain from lying to their kids. People of all ages deserve the truth, it is the only way they can, then, make informed decisions.

Innocence does not need to be protected by lies and omissions of truth. Innocence can withstand heartfelt honesty in all its emotional intensity. LGBTQI children do require a commitment to constant truthfulness by their parents and friends. In a world, which is still coming to terms with gender diversity and sexual orientation, it can be challenging for those individuals who appear to be swimming in a different direction with an unfamiliar stroke. If we can all remember that life is at its most beautiful when it offers the greatest diversity, then, this planet will be a better place for all to live on.

It needs to be said that we here at the Gay Sperm Bank hate dentists. Yes we feel sorry for them, staring inside people's gobs every day, but it's what they do to us that is the source of our hate. Dental anxiety is the core of it, pain is what runs it, once the drugs wear off the rage kicks in.

It's a simple fact that many dentists are simply mean. They derive pleasure from causing pain, they remove your beloved teeth and say "you should have come here earlier" while doing it. Make us feel guilty for not giving them more regular money by visiting them for dental check-ups, paying attention to their websites' lectures about dental hygiene, and ask us to purchase dental dams for lesbian licking sessions only from their online store, not when there's hordes of rich schoolkids in the waiting room for their regular Invisalign check ups.

But when it comes to emergency dentists you have to show some respect. With Coronavirus in the air, they're on the front line like any medical professional. If someone is in excruciating pain, if they've knocked a tooth out while trying to stay 1.5 metres away from a fellow supermarket shopper, or maybe fighting over a roll of toilet paper, then yep, they're there, and in fact in most countries now the only dental service that dentists are allowed to provide is emergency dentistry.

Gone, thanks to COVID-19, is the cosmetic dentistry, the smile makeover, the teeth whitening, the digital smile design, the Invisalign and the orthodontics. So now if you're visiting a dentist during this pandemic you're likely to be having dental anxiety as well as being in a great deal of pain, because emergencies are the only way you're going to be in a dentist's chair.

So this story brings us to the one dentist who will always be a hero for what he did in an emergency. He doesn't want the publicity, but he's a gay dentist. And one of our successful moms, waiting for her daughter to have her a dental cavity filled, suddenly felt herself going into labour. As she'd had a child many years before, the baby came out fast, and our gay dentist friend, in a truly unique emergency, delivered the baby in his dentist's chair. All we can tell you is that the lucky mom had her second daughter, and her daughter's name is Isabelle. Congratulations mom and daughter, and dentist!

Human beings are irrational beasts with mobile phones pressed to their ears. I hear alarmist snippets about the dangers of 5G from the occasional friend or relative. I watched the Four Corners programme about the protest movement making waves against 5G. I have done some cursory online research intro the topic, utilising my skills as an academic, and found little or no scientific evidence for serious concern. Do 5G electronic signals and radiation damage sperm counts? No is the simple answer, according to the World Health Organisation, not in the amounts of radiation we normally encounter on a day to day basis.

Numerous Studies Have Found No Real Evidence Linking 5G to Low Sperm Counts

Do electricians have to worry about such stuff, as they work with these electromagnetic fields and radiation more often? Apparently not. Consult a professional electrician and question him or her yourself, as to their worry about this issue, and you will not find any real concerns. There are numerous studies, which have asked – Do 5G electronic signals and radiation damage sperm counts? The facts remain that there is no conclusive proof to directly link the two factors. Declining sperm counts and infertility in modern societies may be the result of many environmental factors.

5G Has Become a Rallying Issue for Sections of Humanity Feeling Powerless

5G has become a rallying issue for sections of humanity that feel increasingly powerless and marginalised by the roll out of technologies in western democracies around the globe. Stopping the seemingly unfettered explosion of technology and the march of civilisation into AI is an understandable reaction in many ways. People are asking where is the government oversight into these things? Who is questioning industry and these high-tech corporate giants about their plans? No one is standing up to this onslaught of progress and it seems likely that it has become an arms race of communication technology. The politicians are most probably in the pockets of industry in the United States and elsewhere.

Conspiracy theorists are a result of a lack of trust in governments and a paucity of intelligence within the community. Free enterprise market economies love stupid people, as they can sell tons of extraneous junk to them. There are billions of people believing in all sorts of untrue and unproven stuff. Most people do not know how to tell the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to accessing information via the internet. Think of Donald Trump and his supporters in the United States. The medical facts about COVID-19 and 5G have certain parallels in their seemingly elusive nature for many human beings on this planet.

What makes a man choose to become a sperm donor? Is it a healthy conservative streak, not wishing to waste precious resources, and, perhaps, a belief in recycling? Or, is it a massive ego wank, and the desire to populate the world with reproductions of one’s self? Whatever it is, until they come up with a viable alternative, sperm remains an integral part of producing children. Anything when viewed in isolation, becomes a different kettle of fish altogether. The time-honoured recipe has usually been: physical attraction, copulation, pregnancy, labour and baby. These days, that succession of events and agencies is not, always, possible or preferable for some.

Using A Sperm Donor: Is It a Gamble When Done Correctly?

Everything in life is a gamble, when you really look at it. Security is an illusion we all maintain for as long as possible; until something jumps up and bites us. Physical attraction, AKA sexual chemistry, is evolution’s means of reducing that risk to the species. What we are attracted to on a biological level is supposed to be the best fit for the job. Whether evolution is up to speed on domestic violence, the twenty first century economy and other mitigating factors for healthy and happy children is a moot point. If you really must take a chance, in the words of ABBA “Take a Chance on Me”. That is what sexual and romantic love has to say on the matter.

Is medical negligence a real possibility, when it comes to sperm donorship and artificial insemination? Yes, if the wrong donor sperm or egg is used in the insemination, it open the door to legal action on this basis. In a perfect world we all would be happy to raise children of whatever provenance, but in this materialistic consumer society we are not. We want the child to be a certain colour, race, and from our own stock or choice of stock.

A Cambridge University study by Dr Sophie Zadeh, surveyed mothers, teachers and children to investigate how sperm donor children fared in comparison with children who were parented by couples. The children were aged between four and nine years. Obviously, this is not a long enough study to gather effective data about the positive or negative influence of fathers upon their children. It is, however, a good start in the right direction, as there are far too many assumptions made in this space. The outcome of the study showed no ill effects of parenting, which began via sperm donorship.