Do 5G Electronic Signals & Radiation Damage Sperm Counts?

Human beings are irrational beasts with mobile phones pressed to their ears. I hear alarmist snippets about the dangers of 5G from the occasional friend or relative. I watched the Four Corners programme about the protest movement making waves against 5G. I have done some cursory online research intro the topic, utilising my skills as an academic, and found little or no scientific evidence for serious concern. Do 5G electronic signals and radiation damage sperm counts? No is the simple answer, according to the World Health Organisation, not in the amounts of radiation we normally encounter on a day to day basis.

Numerous Studies Have Found No Real Evidence Linking 5G to Low Sperm Counts

Do electricians have to worry about such stuff, as they work with these electromagnetic fields and radiation more often? Apparently not. Consult a professional electrician and question him or her yourself, as to their worry about this issue, and you will not find any real concerns. There are numerous studies, which have asked – Do 5G electronic signals and radiation damage sperm counts? The facts remain that there is no conclusive proof to directly link the two factors. Declining sperm counts and infertility in modern societies may be the result of many environmental factors.

5G Has Become a Rallying Issue for Sections of Humanity Feeling Powerless

5G has become a rallying issue for sections of humanity that feel increasingly powerless and marginalised by the roll out of technologies in western democracies around the globe. Stopping the seemingly unfettered explosion of technology and the march of civilisation into AI is an understandable reaction in many ways. People are asking where is the government oversight into these things? Who is questioning industry and these high-tech corporate giants about their plans? No one is standing up to this onslaught of progress and it seems likely that it has become an arms race of communication technology. The politicians are most probably in the pockets of industry in the United States and elsewhere.

Conspiracy theorists are a result of a lack of trust in governments and a paucity of intelligence within the community. Free enterprise market economies love stupid people, as they can sell tons of extraneous junk to them. There are billions of people believing in all sorts of untrue and unproven stuff. Most people do not know how to tell the wheat from the chaff, when it comes to accessing information via the internet. Think of Donald Trump and his supporters in the United States. The medical facts about COVID-19 and 5G have certain parallels in their seemingly elusive nature for many human beings on this planet.