Helping LGBTQI Children Join In With The Crowd, Yet Grow Their Identity

Kids’ parties can be a battleground for identity in the 21C. Yes, those cute little affairs with fairies, pirates, princesses, superheroes, cowboys, and furry animals. Nothing brings an individual’s gender conditioning to the fore, as obviously as parenting. Family and cultural pressure is, often, brought to bear on these innocent little kiddies. Everyone has an opinion about what they should wear, including grandma and grandpa, parents, parent siblings and, even, friends. Colours for boys and colours for girls. The world seems very concerned at how these tots start out in life. Helping LGBTQI children join in with the crowd, yet grow their identity is an important aspect to consider.

Let Your Children Express Themselves

There might be male children who like feminine-orientated activities, such as unicorn parties. Conversely, there may be biologically identified girl children who wish to express their uber tomboy-ness. Let your children express themselves, how they want to, from the earliest time possible. We are learning not to impose our expectations upon our children, especially in terms of gender identity and sexual orientation. It is all about having fun and being accepted for who they are. Actually, when searching for medical insights into children’s psychology, being open to an unbiased discovery is the most important quality for parents of LGBTQI children.

Don’t Lie To Your Kids

Have you ever noticed how all parents portrayed on TV and in movies continually lie to their children? Ostensibly, they behave this way in an attempt to protect their kids from unpalatable truths. However, lying for whatever reason, usually, causes more problems than you originally started with. I would advise parents of all children, not just of LGBTQI kids, to refrain from lying to their kids. People of all ages deserve the truth, it is the only way they can, then, make informed decisions.

Innocence does not need to be protected by lies and omissions of truth. Innocence can withstand heartfelt honesty in all its emotional intensity. LGBTQI children do require a commitment to constant truthfulness by their parents and friends. In a world, which is still coming to terms with gender diversity and sexual orientation, it can be challenging for those individuals who appear to be swimming in a different direction with an unfamiliar stroke. If we can all remember that life is at its most beautiful when it offers the greatest diversity, then, this planet will be a better place for all to live on.